(Hereinafter referred as rental equipment) requirement for renting a Segway ® PT:

* Present a valid photo ID

* Exceeded the 12th Birthday and accompanied by a paying adult

* Without an adult
the tenant must be at least 16 years old

* The minimum weight for operating a Segway ® PT is 40kg

* The maximum weight for operating a Segway ® PT is 115kg



With the delivery of the equipment, a lease is created, from which it appears that rental equipment to the tenant and that the general driving training is carried out including the safety briefing.

A system must not be for a function and handling instructions by the owner or his representative.

The landlord reserves the right people whose driving skills and / or behavior poses a risk to prohibit participation.

Persons who are below the minimum age required are obviously intoxicated and / or under the influence of drugs will be excluded from the rental.

In this case, the tenant will be refunded the full price.



The tenant is obliged to use the leased considerate and to prevent any damage.

The tenant is not allowed to leave the rented Segway ® PT any third person.

The tenant must follow the instructions of the guides.

During the use of the rental property the provided protective clothing should be worn (helmet).

By the tenant any repairs or alterations to the rented property must be made.


Accidents, damages, losses, traffic regulations

The tenant is responsible for all during the entire rental period with the rented Segway ® PT committed traffic offenses and / or offenses.


The company "Segway Moments" is set at an appropriate request to the authorities the personal data of the tenant open.

The use of the rented property at your own risk.

The lessee is aware that the handling of the rental property requires skill and dangers associated with the use of the tenants and other road users.

For people - or property damage caused in connection with the use of the rental property by the tenant, no liability is accepted by the landlord.

The tenant is liable for accidental damage to the rental property and theft up to the full replacement devices.

By the tenant, in the context of business, inflicted damage, the landlord is liable only for its own gross negligence or willful misconduct, or in cases of intent or gross negligence of persons responsible for it.

Compensation for consequential damage, property damage, loss of profits and damages resulting from claims of third parties.

On roads, cycling, forest and field paths, the road traffic regulations (Highway Code) applies to the current version.

Legally traffic seen the rental property is deemed bike.



The obligations under this Contract shall end with the proper return of the rented property.


Choice of law, jurisdiction

The lease is subject to Austrian substantive law. The conflict rules of private international law are hereby expressly excluded.

For consumers, this choice only insofar as the protection provided by mandatory provisions of the law of

State in which the tenant has his habitual residence, is withdrawn.

Jurisdiction and court of competent jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract or relationship with

available in this context is for the tenant Korneuburg / Austria.

However, the landlord is entitled to sue the tenant, at its option, at any other court that may have jurisdiction under national or international law.